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Straighten Your Smile Up to Four Times Faster With the Wilckodontics® Orthodontics System

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Reduce Time in Braces

Many people want a straighter smile, but often avoid seeking orthodontic care due to lengthy treatment times of wearing dental braces. Wilckodontics®, or Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AAO)™, is an advanced orthodontic system that offers a straighter smile in a fraction of the time. Ideal for adults in professional positions, those who work in the public eye and high school-aged patients, Wilckodontics® works up to three to four times faster than traditional dental braces. In fact, typical treatment time with AAO™ ranges from three to eight months. Patients of any age may be candidates for Wilckodontics®, provided that the permanent teeth have fully erupted.

How Does the Wilckodontics® System Work?

Wilckodontics Torrance, CA

AAO™ focuses on rapid tooth movement by augmenting the bone surrounding the teeth, guiding tooth movement in a very specific way. Many of the components are the same as those used in traditional orthodontics. For instance, brackets and wires are still used to reposition the teeth. The difference between Wilckodontics® and traditional orthodontics, however, lies in focusing on how bone responds to tooth movement rather than the manner in which the teeth are moved. Wilckodontics® treatment begins by removing a portion of the bone’s external surface, causing the bone to enter a process of breaking down and rebuilding. During this phase the bone is “softer,” allowing teeth to move with greater ease through the bone and facilitating rapid tooth repositioning.
Benefits of Wilckodontics®:

  • Straightens teeth
  • Corrects bite misalignment
  • Treats a wide range of patients
  • Ideal for minor or complex cases
  • Delivers fast, predictable results

Why Choose a Periodontist for Wilckodontics®?

Only a small percentage of doctors undergo the necessary training to offer Wilckodontics® to their patients. Dr. Farahmand completed additional certification and coursework for Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Treatment (also known as Wilckodontics®). As a tenured periodontist, she is in a unique position to offer this type of care for your smile. Dr. Farahmand is extremely skilled in bone augmentation and surgical procedures, and has advanced knowledge and understanding of bone physiology. She and our team work closely with other orthodontists and general dentist for patients interested in this advanced orthodontic option.

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