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Advanced Dental Technology - Torrance, CA

Advanced Technology Improves Your Dental Experience and Treatment Outcomes

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Experience the Advantages of Modern Technology

Whether you are in need of laser treatment for periodontal disease, are improving your smile’s function and aesthetics with dental implants or just need comprehensive x-rays, we provide safe and comfortable procedures through the use of advanced technology. You can turn to us for state-of-the-art care for a healthy, beautiful smile.

Safe, Precise and Comfortable Treatments

We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the latest technology available in dentistry today. Incorporating its use not only allows for more precise, accurate treatment and diagnoses, it provides a more comfortable overall experience for you.
Our team is specially trained in utilizing a number of advanced dental technologies, including:

  • Digital radiography

    X-rays or radiographs of dentition are taken using much less radiation than traditional x-rays. Tools to magnify the findings are also available, and radiographs can be instantaneously transmitted on screen and to another office.

  • Cone beam computed tomography

    This 3D imaging allows the examiner to assess and evaluate the anatomy of the jawbone and other structures in three dimensions for accuracy in implant placement and as an added diagnostic tool for detection of pathology.

  • LANAP® Laser Therapy

    New technologies provide new comforts. There are a wide variety of laser treatments in use today. Our office uses the LANAP protocol, with the PerioLase MVP-7™ laser, to eliminate gum disease-causing bacteria. Patient are always pleased to learn that there are no scalpels or suture used.

  • Computer guided implant dentistry

    Our office has the software capability to allow us to place dental implants virtually in the mouth and have the restoration or tooth made in advance. This technology allows for the most accurate, atraumatic, predictable placement of a dental implant or fabrication of crowns.

  • Microscope periodontal plastic procedures

    Soft tissue augmentation procedures such as gum grafting to cover exposed root surfaces or augment the indented gum in a missing tooth area are periodontal plastic procedures that provide the best results when performed as atraumatically as possible with the use of microscopes. Special microscope instruments add to precision and accuracy of the tunnel technique. Micro-sutures for the least minimally invasive approach are utilized.

  • Central sterilization area

    One part of our practice philosophy for clinical patient care is to provide each individual with the highest level of infection control. For this reason, we are proud of our latest state of art central sterilization technique. Our office tour demonstrates this technology, which was custom designed for our office.

To find out how our advanced technology can help your smile, call us today for a consultation!

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