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Microscopic Dental Surgery - Torrance, CA

Minimally Invasive Microscopic Dental Surgery Provides Greater Precision and More Predictable Results

What Is Microscopic Dental Surgery?

Cutting-edge technology has improved how we live in many different ways, and the field of dentistry is no exception. Microscopic dental surgery, or dental microsurgery, is one such advancement that is improving not only how dentists treat complex dental cases, but also the end results of such care. Dental microsurgery is a surgical approach that incorporates a powerful Dental Operating Microscope and fiber optic lighting. Its use significantly magnifies the treatment field, allowing greater visibility, precision and control over procedures than ever before. Dr. Arta Farahmand uses dental microsurgery to ensure a minimally invasive procedure and optimal end result for your smile.

Dental Microsurgery Offers Significant Advantages for Optimal Oral Health

Microscopic Dental Surgery Torrance, CA

Thanks to its high magnification and advanced fiber optic light source, which is incorporated right into the lens, microscopic dental surgery creates a clear, brighter, uninhibited field of view, and ultimately better accuracy when performing complex periodontal and implant services. Dr. Farahmand incorporates dental microsurgery into several treatments gum grafting and bone augmentation.
This type of advanced care is less invasive when compared with traditional surgery techniques, and offers benefits like:

  • Fewer incisions and sutures
  • Faster treatment
  • Less bleeding
  • Reduced recovery period
  • More predictable results
  • Enhanced treatment success

Experienced, Specialized Care You Can Count On

As a leading periodontist and implant specialist, Dr. Farahmand is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care to our patients through refined clinical skill and excellent technique. She received advanced training in microscopic surgery from Dr. Dennis Shanelec at the esteemed Microsurgery Training Institute of Santa Barbara. Dr. Farahmand is passionate about making a difference in our patients’ lives, and remains current on the latest in technological advancements through her affiliations with professional organizations, including the American Academy of Periodontology.

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