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Modern Technology Enables Dental Implant Placement with a Sinus Lift

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What Is a Sinus Lift?

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants in the upper premolar and molar regions of the mouth presents a challenge for some patients. The roots of these teeth sit in close proximity to the maxillary sinus cavity floor. Loss of these teeth often leaves inadequate space for tooth replacement with dental implants, which may be further affected by bone deterioration in this area. In such cases, Dr. Arta Farahmand recommends a bone grafting procedure called sinus augmentation, or a sinus lift. This type of treatment adds bone tissue in or around the sinus cavity to increase bone height and volume in preparation for dental implant placement. A sinus lift may be a necessary part of your treatment plan when choosing implants for tooth replacement.

The Process of Undergoing Sinus Augmentation

Sinus Lift Torrance, CA
Sinus Lift Procedure

Dental implants require a sufficient amount of supporting bone tissue to successfully work as a tooth replacement. Committed to restoring periodontal health with knowledge, skill and dedication, Dr. Farahmand incorporates cutting-edge technology for a minimally invasive approach to sinus lift procedures. Sinus lifts may be performed in one of two ways. In the first, the floor of the sinus is gently raised, allowing Dr. Farahmand to add additional bone tissue. A second approach adds bone directly to the floor of the sinus cavity, increasing the foundation needed to effectively support an implant. Bone used in a sinus lift may be sourced from other donors or biocompatible materials.
One common reason for a sinus lift is to increase bone where upper molars are missing to replace them with dental implants, in addition to:

  • Bone loss from periodontal disease
  • Chronic tooth loss
  • Expansion of the sinus cavity
  • Lower positioning of sinus floor
  • Inadequate bone volume

A Sinus Lift Creates a Solid Foundation for Dental Implants

Dr. Farahmand and our team want to help you achieve a healthy, happy smile for life. We use advanced technology like Cone Beam Computed Tomography when preparing for your sinus lift, which provides a 3D look at facial and oral anatomy and allows for greater precision. Dr. Farahmand also incorporates bone regenerative techniques, including Plasma Rich Fibrin and Platelet Derived Growth Factor, for faster healing and enhanced tissue response. We take a minimally invasive approach to sinus lift treatment to ensure your comfort during and following your procedure. Sinus lift procedures carry high success rates and allow for effective placement of implants in upper premolar and molars sites.

Learn if a sinus lift is right for your tooth replacement needs. Call our team today to reserve your personalized consultation.

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